About Us

jenerayte promotion provides services for artists and labels wishing to promote their singles and albums within the Texas/Red Dirt scene as well as Americana/non-com/AAA

jenerayte promotion offers a variety of photography services for artists, labels and beyond

sounds like: gen-er-ate

Jennifer Gidel

owner & head of Texas/Red Dirt promotions

Raymond Redding

head of Americana promotions and photography

past & present clients:

Saints Eleven, Eddie Saenz, Clay Hollis, Zach Nytomt, Sarah Hobbs, Market Junction, Grant Gilbert, Shea Abshier & The Nighthowlers, Giovanni & The Hired Guns, Matt Caldwell, Judson Cole Band, Jon Stork, Hayden Haddock, Dayne Pack, Buck Fuffalo, Jake Ward, Kevin Deal, Sam Shupak




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Ray Redding

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