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jenerayte promotion provides services for artists and labels wishing to promote their singles and albums within the Texas/Red Dirt scene as well as Americana/non-com/AAA and National Country

jenerayte promotion offers a variety of photography services for artists, labels and beyond

jenerayte - sounds like: gen-er-ate

Jennifer Gidel

owner & head of radio promotions

Raymond Redding

partner & head of photography services

past & present clients:

Saints Eleven, Eddie Saenz, Clay Hollis, Zach Nytomt, Sarah Hobbs, Market Junction, Grant Gilbert, Shea Abshier & The Nighthowlers, Giovanni & The Hired Guns, Buck Fuffalo, Matt Caldwell, Judson Cole Band, Jon Stork, Hayden Haddock, Dayne Pack, Gary Kyle, Jake Ward, Kevin Deal, Dusty Neuman, Wynn Williams, Mason Lively, Jody Booth, Jeff Jacobs Band, Tanya Tucker, Teague Brothers Band, Copper Chief, Rance May & The Coyotes, Sam Shupak, Darrin Morris Band, Creed Fisher, Left Arm Tan




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